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Why are my teeth turning yellow?

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Why are my teeth turning yellow? Can yellow teeth become white again? How can I whiten my teeth by myself? A lot of questions are solved in one solution that is described in this blog. Having white teeth has become a necessity not only aesthetic but also psychological. But not all people have naturally white teeth. And not always do the yellowish teeth turn whitish due to tobacco or coffee. Why are my teeth turning yellow?

Although each person has a colour that is the result of their genetics, poor oral hygiene, and using tobacco can indeed turn them yellow. Tartar is a film that adheres to the tooth and causes a yellow colour in the transition areas with the gum.

There is also the possibility that alterations of the teeth are present from birth and are of a colour other than white. Some genetic disorders such as dentinogenesis and amelogenesis imperfecta affect the enamel causing a yellowish and even brown colour in the teeth.

Why are my teeth turning yellow
Why are my teeth turning yellow?

But poor oral hygiene is the main cause of the yellowing of your teeth if you do not suffer from these congenital diseases. This is because many foods, including tobacco, contain pigments that can stain enamel. To avoid this, you must perform good dental hygiene after each meal. Why are my teeth turning yellow?

Why are my teeth turning yellow? Teeth whitening

For teeth whitening, you should always not need to go to your dentist because it is appropriate to make whiten teeth in one day. As you can see, the possible causes of the yellow colour of your teeth are multiple and you have to determine them before acting.

The important thing is to maintain adequate oral hygiene, daily and after all meals. In addition, teeth whitening should be done with the use of the one miracle product teeth stain remover – Cleaner Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

Why are my teeth turning yellow
Why are my teeth turning yellow?

What are the causes of yellow teeth?

But not only poor hygiene and food can affect the colour of your teeth. Other possible reasons should be studied in case you suffer from the problem of fluorosis. What we tell you next may seem stranger to you, and that is that some mouthwashes can yellow your teeth. Why are my teeth turning yellow?

And also after some treatments such as endodontics, which produces a darker colour of the treated tooth. Another possible cause is trauma that causes internal clots in the tooth, which lead to dark colour in it. Why are my teeth turning yellow?

Why are my teeth turning yellow
Why are my teeth turning yellow?

There are different factors by which we can have the most yellow teeth and a person can be affected by several of them:

  1. Poor oral hygiene: An incorrect brushing technique or lack of oral hygiene with its consequent accumulation of bacterial plaque can cause a yellowish colour on the teeth.
  2. Smoking: Teeth tend to stain due to the effect of nicotine and tar from cigarettes, which is why smoking is one of the main causes of yellow staining on teeth.
  3. Eat foods that turn teeth yellow: On the one hand, people with eating habits that include products with a high content of pigments such as tea, coffee or spices can suffer from yellowing of the teeth, On the other hand, large consumption of acidic foods (lemon, orange, lime, vinegar…) can cause the most superficial and protective layer of the teeth to wear down. When this layer, which we know as enamel, disappears, it leaves the second layer of the tooth (the dentin) on the surface, whose colour is more yellow.
  4. Having suffered a blow to a tooth: Dental trauma can cause nerve necrosis over time and, consequently, this can darken or yellow the tooth.
  5. Suffering from a congenital disease: Congenital diseases such as dentinogenesis or amelogenesis imperfect are disorders that occur during tooth development, in which the formation of these tooth layers occurs abnormally, with the colour of the affected tooth.
  6. Excessive oral intake of fluoride: In some places, the water can also turn teeth yellow, as it contains “tremendous amounts of fluoride, which cause an excess of this substance known as fluorosis, which causes stains on the teeth. There are geographical areas where the water is excessively fluoridated and this causes the teeth to take on a yellowish colour. Excess fluoride in the teeth is called fluorosis. On the other hand, drugs such as tetracycline cause this greyish, striated effect on tooth enamel.
  7. Some types of antibiotics: such as tetracycline, can cause an alteration during the formation of the tooth, causing it to be born with a striated brown colour.
  8. Ageing: Naturally, teeth darken over time. This darkening occurs because food and the rubbing of teeth progressively weaken the enamel layer and cause the dentin (of a darker colour) to outcrop. Why are my teeth turning yellow?
  9. Genetics: As in so many other things, having a genetic tendency to have yellowish teeth is also a possibility. Why are my teeth turning yellow?

How to whiten teeth instantly

We already know the most essential variables that cause dental darkening, but really, what solutions are there? Multiple techniques within dental aesthetics help whiten teeth and here we show you the 3 most important ones. Why are my teeth turning yellow?

Why are my teeth turning yellow?
Why are my teeth turning yellow?

Whiten teeth near me

The first option when cleaning our teeth is a thorough cleaning by an oral hygienist. This cleaning, logically, goes far beyond what can be done at home. Cleaning by itself does NOT whiten teeth, but frees them from tartar and tobacco or coffee stains, leaving the enamel clean with its natural colour. Why are my teeth turning yellow?

Why are my teeth turning yellow?
Why are my teeth turning yellow?

These professional dental cleanings use state-of-the-art equipment that frees your teeth of all the accumulated and crystallized tartar. Tools that polish the remains are also used, leaving the natural enamel of your teeth smooth and shiny. It is a very effective and desired treatment. It is quick and painless and achieves very good results in a very short time.

The Science Of Whiter, Brighter Teeth

Clinical studies prove Cleaner Smile is effective for stains caused by age, tobacco, coffee, and tea.

Clinical studies proved that “Bleaching is effective in lightening most stains caused by age, tobacco, coffee, and tea. Based on clinical studies, 96% of patients with these kinds of stains experience some lightning effect. Other types of stains, such as those produced by tetracycline use or fluorosis (too much fluoride), respond to bleaching less reliably.”

The 3 Easy Steps For Brighter Teeth

Why are my teeth turning yellow?
Why are my teeth turning yellow?
  1. Cleanse teeth and apply a Whitening Gel on the tooth surface.
  2. Connect LED Mouth Piece and place it inside the mouth for 15 minutes.
  3. Rinse LED Mouth Piece with water and store in a cool, dry place.
Why are my teeth turning yellow?


Why are my teeth turning yellow?Why are my teeth turning yellow?


carbamide peroxide

35% Carbamide Peroxide – A superior whitening agent – powerful enough to whiten deep stains, yet safe enough for sensitive teeth.

Stains on the teeth or having yellow teeth is one of the reasons that make patients not want to smile since they are very unsightly. There are different types of stains that can appear for different reasons, but it is important to know that teeth whitening products can treat them and leave your white teeth smile. Why are my teeth turning yellow?

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