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  • Signs of employee burnout

    Signs of employee burnout syndrome refer to the chronification of work stress that gives rise to a feeling of general exhaustion or works stress a disease of modern societies. Burnout syndrome usually affects both the worker who suffers from it and their work environment. In this blog, we will try to cover topics such as […]

  • Workplace Safety Signage

    Workplace safety signage is those elements that, referring to an object, activity or specific situation, provide an indication or an obligation related to safety or health at work. Every day we see Workplace safety signage such as fire safety signage, safety signage for warehouses, and electrical safety signage that warns or prohibits us. Health and […]

  • Safety at home tips

    Safety at home tips

    Safety at home tips is always helpful since we all like to live in a safe environment. It is also reassuring to know that we are properly protected from the risk arising from the hazards around us whether safety at work or safety at home.

  • Cold Stress Toolbox Talk

    Cold Stress Toolbox Talk

    Cold Stress Toolbox Talk: Now that the months of lower temperatures have arrived, workers are exposed to cold stress that can cause serious health problems. We will cover today not only the cold stress but also the risks you face exposure to cold stress at work and cold stress prevention. We are in the traditionally […]

  • Essay about water pollution

    The essay about water pollution reminds us more and more frequently that without water there is no life, for example through increasingly extreme droughts that jeopardize access to drinking water in different parts of the world. The different types of water contamination imply a worsening of the quality of this valuable resource and, therefore, a […]

  • Hand Safety

    Hand Safety

    Hand safety is nothing new. Hand safety has been considered important for years. The hands are probably the most important part of the body when it comes to getting work done. Despite the care we take, our hands will receive small injuries from time to time. However, they are the ones that are injured more […]

  • 5 minute safety talk

    5 minute safety talk

    5 minute safety talk is held just before the start of the workday. The objective is to inform and make employees aware of their safety and health at work. The 5 minute safety talk should be given daily, so that day by day the workers understand that toolbox talks at the workplace are essential to […]

  • Positive Safety Culture

    Positive Safety Culture

    Positive safety culture is the way where everyone within the organization thinks and feels about health and safety’s importance and how this is reflected in their behaviour. Positive safety culture within an organization is a characteristic of the organization that exists at all levels, from top management to workers. No one person determines the culture […]

  • Safety Helmet

    Safety Helmet

    Safety Helmet is essential to avoid head injuries. One of the parts of the body that is of vital importance is the head, where the brain is located and is the command centre of our entire body. Wearing a safety helmet should be one of your priorities, as it defines your well-being and the success […]

  • Is lower back pain muscular or skeletal?

    Is lower back pain muscular or skeletal?

    Is lower back pain muscular or skeletal? Work-related musculoskeletal disorders are the most common health problem in the workplace. Although they can affect any part of the body, the most common are located on the back, neck and upper extremities.